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Expedition World Phenomena is an educational project that brings experience, discovery and adventure to the classroom.

New subject

World Phenomena, the new school subject which turns traditional teaching into an adventurous expedition to the frontiers of human knowledge.

The package of educational materials is aimed at a team of teachers at the 2nd level of primary schools and includes everything a teacher needs to teach innovatively, attractively and through experience.

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During 2018/2019, the World Phenomena solution has been used in more than 800 schools around Slovakia.

The World Phenomena Expedition Project has been joined by 2300 teachers from more than 800 schools around Slovakia.

The adventurous educational videos from YouTuber Bača have been viewed more than 350 000 times and more than 5500 children entered the World Phenomena Expedition Competition.

Join the expedition of knowledge with your students today by ordering the World Phenomena packages of educational materials at infoworldphenomena.eu

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5 World Phenomena that shaped our past, our present and predict our future. Each phenomenon is looked at from 4 different perspectives which together form a comprehensive picture of the theme. World Phenomena show students the world in its entirety and complement the incomplete picture which is provided by individual school subjects.

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World Phenomena Project Packages for Schools

Thanks to the financial support of our partners, more than 800 schools around Slovakia were granted with free project packages in 2018/2019.

Characteristics of the educational materials

World Phenomena is an educational solution for upper primary schools consisting of 5 separate products.

World Phenomena offer the teacher a new modern way of teaching contextually, emphasizing the development of 21st century skills in classroom.

World Phenomena stands on top quality documentary videos produced by the BBC.

World Phenomena encourages and motivates students to become engaged and active learners.

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